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Earlier in October i was asked to be a judge as well as sponsor a prize for the Gold Coast Swimsearch 2013 edition, sponsored by Dallys, Chic, the Marriott, Sunseeker and several other prominent names.

I was thrilled as it was the first time i was asked to judge a modelling competition of high caliber. I was one of the 4 judges for the photographic section of the comp. I was the only fashion photographer invited which made me really proud.

The competition was divided into 3 judging sections. An interview  directed by ChicManagement director Ursula Hufnagl, a catwalk section and a photography section

We had to photograph (and rank) 18 beautiful models around the pool section of the GC Marriott Spa and Resort in Surfers Paradise. Each girl had about 5 min with each photographer at each section. As i wanted to challenge the girls with poses both outside and in the water, i asked to be the last of the four stops.

It was a pretty full-on morning. The girls, during my portion of the shoot had to pose sitting own, standing up, in the water for both full length and close-up photos, all in 5 min with little direction. The criteria for judging were :

1. How good they were in taking directions

2. Ability to pose naturally

3. Level of comfort and personality during the shoot

I particularly liked the fact that we were not asked to judge their shape or form in a bikini.

Sapphire (photo below) was named the winner, which will take part in a fully styled shoot with me and my team early in 2014 (keep an eye on the blog for photos)




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