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Recent work

Kia Low at NYFW

We are all so proud of local girl Kia Low for once again being cast and walk in another international fashion festival.

After London in september last year, Kia is now strutting the catwalk of NYFW and debuted this year series of shows for Houghton Fall 2014 (below pictured backstage – courtesy of Getty Images and on the runway

Kia Low for Houghton Fall NYFW 14

Kia Low for Houghton Fall NYFW 14

She has come a long way since one of her very test shoot i shot couple of years ago (pictured below). I still clearly remember her striking features and thinking how wonderfully editorial and particular her look was and I’m so happy for her for having such a solid international recognition.

kia low for Tamblyns

We all wish Kia the best of luck for the remainder of the fashion festival season and looking forward having back home and working with her again in the future

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